How To Save Money When You Sell

How to Save Money when you Sell


There are so many ways a seller can lose money when selling and it starts with not hiring the right expert realtor.
You need a Pitbull negotiator. Someone that is relentless. People don’t understand how important an aggressive negotiator is for the sale of your home.
When another agent accepts a lower commission they are not going to do much marketing and they are not a skilled negotiator.
If they can’t negotiate their own commission, why would you want them to negotiate your sales price?

    Negotiating Points

  • Settlement Date
  • Inclusions/Exclusions
  • Settlement Date

Be very careful with seller’s assist most Realtors will make you pay a commission off total sales price, not your net number. Because it is their policy to be paid on the sales price. When those agents sell my listings, We make sure they know commission is paid off of the net. Why should a realtor get paid more because buyers bumped the price up?
You need someone to treat your money like it is their own.
We spend thousands on marketing to bring you the most amount of potential buyers as possible so you can yield the most money for your home.  Hire an Expert Realtor with Experience the average Realtor lists 1-2 per yr